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Anti-Fraud Knowledge Centre

Guidance & Legislation

The European Commission provides a wide range of guidance documents to assist practitioners, employees and institutions in their daily work with the protection of the EU’s financial interests.

These are based on relevant Legislation and can be Guidelines which prescribe a certain approach or method to follow or Handbooks that present good practices across the European Union.

In addition to the expert perspective, many Studies, publications and materials add a huge research value to the legislative prescriptions and contain valuable information. An FAQ session lists key questions and answers around EU funds, fraud as well as fraud prevention and detection.

Key legislation relating to the fight against fraud in the EU and other relevant legislative texts

Information from practical and academic perspective on the fight against fraud and corruption with EU Funds.

Focuses on the Handbooks issued for instance by the Advisory Committee of Fraud Prevention (COCOLAF).

35 most important questions on the fight against fraud and corruption