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Anti-Fraud Knowledge Centre

Library of Good practices and Case studies

Find out about selected good practices and real world case studies

In the good practices section, find out about IT systems, tools, legislative, regulatory or organisational policies, or working approaches that have been put in place to prevent, detect, report, investigate or sanction fraud or corruption. The good practices were selected on their transferability and potential to inspire other organisations to adapt them to their own context and implement them to strengthen their own anti-fraud efforts.

In the Case Study section, find detailed analysis of specific, individual instances of fraud. Each of the case study is presented as a narrative structure that follow the efforts of the public administration, starting from detection through the resolution to the case to illustrate lessons learned about how other public administrations can approach fraud and corruption in their own context.

Transferable and inspirational examples of what can be done to fight fraud and corruption.

Real world anonymized cases of fraud detection and lessons learned.